Gamba & Rota Introduction 2023

Our transport solutions

Gamba et Rota

The transportation and expertise of the road sector are since 1947 the core of our family business

GAMBA et ROTA relies on its fleet of vehicles, the ASTRE network, and a range of partners to offer national and international solutions to every kind of transportation:

  • Partial or complete batches,
  • Dangerous or fragile goods,
  • Express,
  • Dedicated courier,
  • Etc…

Our fleet Our fleet of 220 vehicles is made of:

Our organisation with our own resources

  • Daily national delivery rounds

    From various French departments (10-21-51-52-89)
  • Delivery within city centres

    With our « City » trailers
  • Partial and complete batches

    From 0.1 to 29 tonnes
  • Transportation of dangerous goods

    Authorisation and ADR equipments (Accord for Dangerous goods by Road)
  • Delivery within inner Paris

    With our GAZ vehicles (GNV)
  • Delivery with tailboards

    70% of our vehicles are equipped with tailboards
  • Delivery in building sites

    With a jib crane
  • Rent of a vehicle

    With a driver for seasonal activities or continuing needs

Our pallet distribution network

With daily departures to different platforms from the Palet System (pallet network developed by our grouping ASTRE), we offer « network » solutions to take care of the shipment of pallets (from a ¼ individual pallet to 10 pallets), to France or to 43 European countries, with guaranteed times (24 or 48h for France), and complete shipment tracking.

Key figures about the Palet System

  • 44.600 pallets delivered each day,
  • 18 European hubs,
  • 46 European countries available for daily shipping,
  • 382 retailers in Europe,
  • 27.000 vehicles,
  • Guaranteed delivery times in France from 24 to 48h
  • A network open to ADR goods (Accord for Dangerous Goods by Road),
  • Delivery by appointment,
  • Real-time tracking,
  • A service rate of 99,2%.

Our chartering service

The role of our affreightment team is to support our operating service for the implementation of complementary means, including for specific demands.

Examples of specific demands and tailor-made deliveries:

  • Express courier,
  • Week-end delivery,
  • Delivery to fairs,
  • Export solutions,
  • Delivery with customised requests (ex : delivery and storage of wines in a cellar, etc.),
  • Exceptional transport.