Gamba & Rota Introduction 2023

Our infomation systems

Gamba et Rota

Transport management system (TMS)

Our TMS, GPI is a powerful, complete and evolutionary operating software enabling:

  • The optimal organisation of flows,
  • Integration of transport orders ,
  • The quick and efficient processing of transport orders from the order taking to the billing,
  • The dematerialised management of documents,
  • The analysis of an activity,
  • The complete tracking of all the operations,
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with our partners,
  • The management of customer service.

On-board computing : Transics

On-board computing is a relevant data, communication and decision-making tool for the planning service of transports, which allows an efficient operational management and a high-quality service.

All our vehicles are equipped with on-board computers with multiple functionalities, allowing :

  • Immediate geo-tracking,
  • Transmission of transportation orders,
  • Follow-up of deliveries,
  • A data feedback in real time,
  • Management of appointments
  • Management of delivery constraints,
  • Monitoring of driving hours,
  • Analysis of vehicles consumptions.