Gamba & Rota Introduction 2023


Gamba et Rota

The reliability of innovative logistics

Answering today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow’s demand is an evidence for Gamba & Rota. Driven by this conviction, we put forward innovative and differentiating solutions.

Thus, our brand new robotic storage and order preparation system named “AutoStore” offers exceptional performances, in terms of:

  • Storage density,
  • Order preparation fastness,
  • Order treatment capacity,
  • Performance precision and reliability,
  • Stocked products security and cleanliness,
  • Tool flexibility and solution nimbleness.

This robotic solution ensures seasonality control and satisfies both our clients’ e-retail and e-business channels, for faster deliveries.

True safe-deposit box, our storage system offers unique security conditions in order to welcome your most sensible products.

This innovation, inaugurated on April, 5th 2023, in the heart of our very last warehouse, also benefits from storage under controlled temperature and hygrometry.

This solution’s performance, associated with optimal storages conditions and very high security levels, make it the ideal answer to the specific logistic needs of the Wine and Spirits sector, but also Delicatessen, Cosmetics, and Luxury products.

Financial support

Our automation project has been supported by the ERDF, who granted us a subsidy of 600k€ as “Financing within the framework of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)”.