Gamba & Rota Introduction 2023

Food logistics

We guarantee optimal preservation conditions and the safety of your food products

Food logistics and delicatessen specialists

GAMBA et ROTA offers a global logistics solution dedicated to dry food products and responding to the pressures of the food sector.

We create tailor-made solutions based on the study and analysis of your processes, needs and flows, and we guarantee the flexibility and traceability needed for an efficient supply chain.


We guarantee optimal preservation conditions and the safety of the food supplies entrusted to us:

  • Storage in an ambient or monitored temperature of 14-16°c, with humidity control,
  • Tracking of products by serial and lot number,
  • Management using the FIFO method, management of date labels (“eat by date”, etc),
  • Quality controls,
  • Préparation de commande en FEFO, FIFO ou gestion contrat/date,
  • Pest controls and health monitoring,
  • Monitoring of health measures by certified companies,
  • Compliance to HACCP standards,
  • Organic certification.

A global logistics solution dedicated to dry food products

The experience and expertise of our teams trained to handle specific food products guarantee a high-quality partnership with you, based on commitment, efficiency and responsibility.

Always listening to our clients to create the best service, we offer global logistics solutions from your suppliers to your sales points or final consumers:

  • Organisation of upstream flows, by collaborating with our transportation service
  • Storage in ambient, monitored temperatures
  • Reception of the products and control (quality, eat-by dates…)
  • Labelling
  • Order preparation (food products, supermarkets, e-commerce…)
  • Packaging (cardboards, pallets…)
  • Customised packaging, gift packaging
  • Co-packing
  • Promotional logistics
  • Management of preparations, and e-commerce shipping

  • Monitoring of shipments and management of distribution (to the points of sales, platforms, or directly to the consumer)
  • Packaging consulting and supplies
  • Management of returned products
  • Waste management
  • Destruction of expired products
  • Management of seasonality

A fleet of vehicles in the service of our clients

Our fleet of 220 vehicles allows us to implement distribution solutions which are controlled and adapted to your activities, work schedule and locations:

  • Deliveries to supermarket distribution platforms
  • Deliveries to sales outlets and corners located in city centres with our CITY trucks
  • Deliveries from Monday to Saturday, in downtown Paris with lobbies using natural gas
  • E-commerce deliveries

All the shipments are completely tracked thanks to our embedded system and its feedback, allowing a real-time monitoring of your orders.

Key figures

  • sqm of warehouses with controlled temperature (between 14 and 16°c)
  • Employees
  • Stored references
  • Units handled per day