Gamba & Rota Introduction 2023


Co-Packing, custom work, promotional logistics

A technical savoir-faire at the disposal of your ideas

We carry out any kind of custom packaging according to your needs and put our skills in the service of your ideas.

Well aware that such operations are particularly sensitive, we train our teams for high level expectations, precision and flexibility so that each request is perfectly executed.

Our flexibility and our responsiveness will bring you comfort, speedy performance, control of operations and optimisation of costs.

A few examples of our services:

  • Co-packing
  • Packaging: gift boxes, case packing…
  • Management of a « business gifts » campaign
  • Customisation
  • Printing and creation of customised gift notes
  • Routing with multiple recipients
  • Labelling, bar code labelling…
  • Packaging consulting
  • Packaging supplies
  • And any other kind of packaging custom service…

Promotional logistics

We also provide services for your promotional logistics requests to support you with the promotion and the implementation of your products, with the same precision and skills.

We perform on-demand services, while respecting all the specifications of your operations such as:

  • Creation of promotional kits
  • Assembling of a POS desk, stand…
  • Creation of special, customised kits
  • Routing of promotional operations
  • Various promotional operations (Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day…)
  • Events: congress fairs…