Gamba & Rota Introduction 2023

E-commerce logistics

Entrust us with the logistics of your online shop.

The logistics of your online sales

GAMBA et ROTA allows you to delegate an important part of your activities, the logistics of your online sales, so that you can fully devote yourself to the development of your company, and serenely make the most of this growth factor.

Our service dedicated to the needs of E-commerce will give you customized, flexible and evolutionary solutions, always aiming for excellence and performance for the complete satisfaction of your clients.

Our project managers are always listening to your demands to carry out an in-depth study of your case and put in place resources and “tailor-made” processes, suited to your activities, your demands and the concerned volumes.

We put the knowledge, skills, experience and the responsiveness of our teams at the disposal of your e-commerce activities by catering the needs linked to the peaks in your activities (seasonality, special offers, private sales…), while ensuring an optimal quality at each step of the logistics process:

  • Receipt of your products and quality controls
  • Orders preparation
  • Packaging
  • Photo studio
  • Management of promotional operations
  • Customisation (third-party advertising, thank-you card, gift paper…)
  • Management of just-in-time production and seasonality flows
  • Reverse logistics
  • IT interfacing
  • Management of B2C and B2B shipments, in France and internationally
  • Optimisation of flows thanks to our charging station
  • E-mailing and text messaging for orders tracking
  • Feedback on orders status for a complete traceability of your operations and tracking of the deliveries
  • Management of stocks and alerts

Monitoring of your shipments

We provide you with the monitoring and optimisation of your shipments, by setting up an optimal transportation plan with multiple criteria, suited and adapted to each client (professional or private) in France and abroad. Our multiple-carriers IT solution enables us to guarantee the best price positioning depending on the type of the shipment and on the expected level of safety (delay, follow-up, receiving address…).

The advantages of this solution:

  • Referenced providers for B2C and B2B deliveries, in France and internationally
  • Large range of services: pallet or parcel, delivery to a residence or company, express delivery or standard delivery, overseas solutions…
  • Advantageous purchasing terms negotiated with our partners thanks to the multiple-clients volumes consolidated on our platforms
  • Quality control of providers and continuous research for the best partners
  • Orders tracking
  • IT interface with all our transport partners
  • Data feedback with status update sent directly to the e-consumer and to the client by e-mail or text message.

Our transport partners