Gamba & Rota Introduction 2023

Global logistics

Gamba et Rota

Logistics specialists

40,000 sqm of warehouses in the region of Troyes, France, two hours away from Paris.

Our research department and our sales team create tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, as well as the demands of their clients, whether they are professional or private.

We work on both temporary and continuous needs through mid-term and long-term partnerships which will support our clients with their logistics outsourcing.

Our storage solutions

  • Storage of pallets,
  • Storage of parcels,
  • Mass storage,
  • Customs or regular storage,
  • Storage in monitored temperatures (between 14 and 16°c),
  • Storage in highly-secured areas.

Orders preparation

Our specialised staff prepares your orders with the utmost care:

  • Orders preparations by unit, by parcel or by pallet,
  • Packaging process, co-packing, POS assembling, custom work,
  • Labelling,
  • Customisation of orders,
  • Gift boxes and business gifts.

Monitoring of your shipments

We provide you with the monitoring and optimisation of your shipments, by setting up an optimal transportation plan with multiple criteria, suited and adapted to each client (professional or private) in France and abroad.

The advantages of this solution:

  • Referenced providers for B2C and B2B deliveries, in France and internationally,
  • Large range of services: pallet or parcel, delivery to a residence or company, express delivery or standard delivery, overseas solutions…
  • Advantageous purchasing terms negotiated with our partners thanks to the multiple-clients volumes consolidated on our platforms,
  • Quality control of providers and continuous research for the best partners ,
  • Orders tracking,
  • IT interface with all our transport partners,
  • Data feedback with status update sent directly to the e-consumer and to the client by e-mail or text message.

Our transport partners

Information systems

BEXT is the software we currently use to manage our warehouses. It also enables us to control and optimise our moves and locations.

We study with our clients the best way to communicate and use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to optimise the data transmissions and the feedback needed for the monitoring of their operations.
We put at your disposal a web access to our warehouse management software for the data integration, the follow-up of your operations and the data export.

BEXT is at the core of your logistics IT; it can be autonomous or fully interfaced to your information system (upstream or downstream).

BEXT covers all the functions of a Warehouse Management System and guarantees a complete tracking of the operations that have been entrusted to us.

Charging station

Interfaced with our warehouse software, the charging station enables:

  • The optimisation of shipments
  • The shipments of transport orders to all our partners
  • The monitoring of delivery statuses
  • The feedback on these delivery statuses
  • E-mail or text message sent to the recipients
  • Daily feedback on shipments and tracking number sent to our clients
  • Billing control of transports

Key figures

  • sqm of warehouses
  • Employees
  • Orders per year
  • Collected units per year