Gamba & Rota Introduction 2023

Logistics of Wine and spirits

Secured and air-conditioned warehouses

A complete and premium range of services in highly secured and air-conditioned warehouses.

As specialists in the logistics of wine and spirits, we use our knowledge to work with our different clients (wine shops, grocery shops, retailers, importers, producers, dealers, e-merchants) by offering them a global logistics service dedicated to spirits (wines, champagnes, beers, ciders…).

Secured and air-conditioned warehouses professional workforce

Our warehouses are modern and at the cutting edge of technology. They offer the best conditions for the storage and conservation of bottles, in particular for the Grands Crus and Cuvées d’exception:

  • A very high level of security: the warehouses are built in a way that responds to the issues of safety with the help of roadblocks, control accesses, CCTVs and alarm systems, guard services, fire detection and fire sprinkler systems.
  • Controlled temperature of 14-16°c and constant humidity control, for the best preservation of the products, and especially for the Grands Crus.
  • Storage areas customised to each customer file, from the most simple to the most complex: we manage over 25.000 references of wines, champagnes, beers and spirits, from over 40 countries.
  • Authorised warehouse-keeper for spirits, with excise duties suspended or not.
  • Bonded warehouses for the storage of wine and spirits coming from non-EU countries, with suspended taxes and duties
  • RFSE storage authorization (suspended fiscal dues for export)

A global logistics solution dedicated to wine and spirits

This high-performance working tool is managed by teams trained and specialised in working in the sector of wine and spirits logistics. They will deal with all the needs of clients working in the spirits industry:

  • Organisation of harvesting

    In French and European vineyards
  • Storage in controlled temperature

    Excise duties suspended or not
  • Customs bonded storage

    Or RFSE storage authorization (suspended fiscal dues for export)
  • Orders picking

    By bottle, by parcel, by pallet
  • Wooden cases

    Or gift boxes packages
  • Labeling of products

    (front/back label, tags, « pregnant woman » pictogram, GEN codes…)
  • Application of seals (CRD…)

  • Customisation of orders

    Gift note, gift packaging…
  • Management

    Of BtoB or BtoC shipments, from the single bottle to the full lobby or container.
  • E-commerce logistics

  • Excise and customs management

  • Packaging supplies and consulting

  • Management and processing of returned products

  • Promotional logistics:

    Installation of packages or displays, kits, routing…

Management of customs and customs approvals

Our customs approvals and our unlimited bank guarantee allow us to store any type of spirits in suspended duties in all our warehouses.

We also store wine and spirits coming from non-EU countries “under bond”, meaning they can be under suspended taxes and duties until their removal.

We can take care of your customs procedures by handling the excises of your products and the legal document management linked to their moves.

Our exporting clients can also benefit from the implementation of the RFSE storage authorization (suspended fiscal dues for export) for exportations.

Our warehouse software, BEXT, is interfaced with CONEX, an IT solution allowing direct communication with the electronic platform of customs for excises accountancy, as well as the management of legal documentation.

Key figures

  • 000
    m² of warehouses
  • Employees
  • M
    Stored bottles
  • 000
    Stored references
  • M
    Shipped bottles per year
  • 000
    Gift packing per year